Our History

I've always loved stories. Man used to hear and tell since ancient times:

this is an old art. Knowledge and experience were orally transmitted and

turned people who did that, responsible witnesses of human affairs.

The voyage has become for me a kind of metaphor: the one of the "man

who looks for man", a sort of spirit that has guided and touched me: I've

lived a lot of experiences that gave sense to my professional story.

A tale started as a game, without a precise purpose, but driven by the

desire of the encounter with "the other".

Since the 80's, my life was planned in order to travel, as much as I

could, in Asia and especially in Thailand, Laos and Indonesia.

I've learned a lot by living with different people. I've seen the skyscra-

pers of Bangkok and the beaches Praciuap Kirikan with its merchants

and fishermen.

Thai language, a tonal and analytic language, give me the change to

find and see the beauty and the complexity of this extraordinary people,

who taught me so much.

I've had the opportunity to fit my professional growth with the business.

Before looking for objects I've searched the armony.

The objects I choose during this time, own to a specific category called

"ethnic". I dont't like this definition because I find it abused and redu-

cing: it forces the object to stay in an arrow and restricted place.

Every object I chose, as jewels and textiles, iron sculptures and statues

(Buddha's ones above all), represent my esthetic and correspond with

the story of my existence.

Massimo Cantarini - Akanartgallery


"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new

landscapes but in having new eyes"

Marcel Proust